Sacral Chakra Sterling Silver Ring

$ 90.00

This ring is even prettier in person!

Hand sawn sterling silver sheet has been formed and soldered to create this beautiful ring. This ring represents the sacral chakra. An 8 mm faceted yellow orange citrine is the center of this ring. The band is a half round heavy gauge sterling silver wire on which I have added little dots for decoration.

The entire piece has then been oxidized, sanded, polished and tumbled for strength and shine.

The sacral chakra is the seat of emotions. This chakra is the storage center for all the experiences associated with love and hate. The feelings of acceptance or rejection from ourselves and others influence the relationships created in our life. The sacral chakra influences how people express their emotions as well as influence the decisions people make. A balanced sacral chakra helps people express their emotions without being overly emotional, and opens them to passion, intimacy and sexuality.

This particular ring is a US size 7.
If you are interested in any other size or chakra/stone please contact me. See last picture for example of the heart chakra-Anahata