About Thirteen Gems

Thirteen Gems is a one metalsmith ran business. I create one of a kind, completely handcrafted pieces from my Southern California studio.

I named my shop as a tribute to my children. Both were born on the 13th of the month, 26 months apart. A usually superstitious number became my lucky number! Hence, Thirteen Gems. I am also in the process of having my son apprentice with me. He has learned how to stamp, recycle silver and roll it into sheet. So far my daughter just loves having a mom who can make her any jewelry she wants.

I am always learning, moving, creating. I will never be done learning new skills. Currently, I am exploring ways to recycle silver (my amazing husband gifted me a rolling mill), I try to use the least invasive chemicals with my metals and use an eco-friendly etching system. 

I feel truly lucky to have one of the most supportive husbands. He not only invests in my art, but he believes in it and encourages me to reach farther, to do more.